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Originally Posted by Tresha
I totally agree. I'm a rockhound too. I disagreed with more than two thirds of ToGaC.
lol.. My and my wife have are friends with a lovely Druid/Wicca couple that own a beautiful New age shop...we went in and they know I am a Tarot dude and they pull this deck off their counter for me to was this one...what is one to say...sorry, but this is a bunch of rocks got a Rider deck in here lol.........then he proceeded to have me draw one and he looked up the meaning...bless 'em they are sweethearts.

OOh I hate to say which decks as I pined for most (and posted it on here)before buying them.... Okay here we go...

The Parrott -Thoth based...Scary Mary woman featured in deck.....made my peace with Thoth since. I was trying to get away from A.C. stigma again. As Gregory has said about A.C. ..Baby..Bathwater.. Thank you Gregory as always.

Eteilla Book of Thoth - lovely, but what a Blanking bloody trainwreck! That guy was a nutcase lol.. I should have learned from Le fanu and his posts on this deck...collectable only

Tarot of A Moon Garden- So sad it could've been so great without the Barbie doll effect... Love that broken Barbie doll with legs stuck up lol... Get up you dumb plastic bitch, she must been shagging and whomever forgot to put her posable body back in shape so she could walk again....Tarot of the Old Path is a better version of what this deck is trying to be ( I lost my old path deck..cannot find it anywhere..I love that deck..looking for a cheap one..) sad...great colouring and concept in Moon Garden.

The Lovers Tarot (78 version)- Yuck..stinky cardstock and pure mud. Ditto for Zerner/Enchanted yuck... too busy...too girly

Fournier Spanish Tarot - Lovely colouring, but poorly drawn images..that 'Hanged Man' has to go with those floppy hands lol..

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