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Oh, that's a real shame.

It seems i'm the only one who still uses the deck D:

Actually, i find the meanings pretty intuitive...but you've got to work with the deck a lot for them to stop being memorized and become intuitive. You've got to get used to the images, the PCO is much more about seeing the "overall" look of the card togethers than interpreting them one by one. Sometimes, the individual meaning of the cartain card simply doesn't matter, it's just there to complete the picture.

It's certainly very different from the tarot.

The geomancy part is interesting, but i still need my good ol' PCO journal to use it. I never remember the name of the images! Then again, i usually use the "Lost Man" and "The Bridge" spreads which do not need geomancy. And they give me great results!

I know that you do not "do" study groups, Le Fanu . I was hoping that there would be other people still interested in this deck. But that's okay, i've been studying it alone for so long i might just keep doing that...

Thank you for all who answered, it's good to see some people still remember this great deck & book!
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