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I do not have many chances to read for people where I live. No Tarot fairs or Wendy's to show your art The three-card reading is one of my favorites but I do use other spreads. Taking part in Reading circles here on AT made me use several different spreads so you may consider that one time. It's great exercise. Like you, I NEVER go for huge spreads. They are too busy since I use images to get messages. It reminds me of people who do the Grand Tableau for the Lenormand. Geez... Never in a million years.I recently bought Tierney's deck:
It has been quite helpful in making up new spreads and "playing" with the meanings a bit.
I also like to mix Tarot and Oracles. But I do it the way I learned with akirafist. The main "read" is done with Tarot cards. The Oracles are used as clarifiers and giving a general feel of a certain group of cards.

Selfish question here: How on Earth do you manage to read with the Endora ? I had to wait years to buy this deck which, IMO, is gorgeous but it simply won't talk to me !! VERY frustrating...
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