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Originally Posted by Rhinemaiden View Post
I'm of the KISS school.... keep it simple. (I read for myself ONLY, not for - or about - others)

From my main deck I draw three cards... past/present/future (today's draw was 3 cups, moon, 5 pents).

From my corresponding decks I draw the "present" card (today - moon) to compare art, interpretation, gain further insights. I may also pull out reference books to read about the card.

Lastly I draw ONE card each from: Gilded Reverie Lenormand, Madam Endora, and Playing Card Oracle.

That's it.... no Celtic Cross, no Grand Tableau. For me, those spreads are too cluttered, too full of static. I stare at them and my head starts to spin.

What's YOUR reading style?
Is this the Playing Card Oracle you're talking about: ?

I have the Gilded Reverie and Madame Endora, but I don't use either very much. I just couldn't ever get into reading with them. I'm more an intuitive reader.

I usually just do a one-card draw at night...or sometimes a three-card with no fixed positions. But I do like to try other spreads, as long as they are not too complicated. No more than seven cards for sure! I like three card spreads the most.

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