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Originally Posted by decan View Post
I don't think as well that we can deduce this from a Natal Chart.
Nevertheless, since both your Sun and Moon are in Earth Signs I would go (maybe) towards an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) concerning a partner.

Else, and simply to note ICEYOU: Venus is indeed conjunct Jupiter in your chart, but both of them square a Mars retograde which is Lord 1, i.e. you.
Therefore be careful to your own behaviour with regard to your relationships, by being hurtful by criticisms for example.
With Scorpio rising and Mars in Virgo, are you too critical at times? Or suddenly you change your mind?
I gravitate to Taurus and Virgos, especially Virgos, THEY ARE DOWN RIGHT SEXY TO ME!

And yeah those Venus Square Mars/Saturn make things in the manners of love difficult. I get the unlucky feeling a lot whenever I get involved with someone and nothing ever materializes from it. It happens quite a lot actually.... that "unlucky feeling".

I'm still a virgin too probably because of those tough placements.
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