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Originally Posted by La Force View Post
If you stay in a pond there is no growth in any area of your life ( Koi fish and gold fish grow to the size of their pond or environment ) ie: small koi pond koi's will only grow to 10" a larger Koi pond they can grow up to 2 feet.

Therefore she is emerging from the Koi pond (with lilies and air bubbles oxygen) to expand her growth, for she is leaving this pond for the ocean through the (Gate) that is crumbling down, as a sign that she had been swimming in that pond (too small) for too long, which was suppressing her growth. Her hands ( fins ) of a Koi fish.

This card links up with the MOON card as we know, which has an opposite interpretation, that your to go into the small pond to explore it depths to find the treasure.

La Force
Not bad! Supports the traditional meaning nicely
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