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So bad it took me 4 days to remember it's name!

Ancient Mysteries Tarot!

I was trying to remember the name of this deck for like over 4 days! I brought this deck brand new at a store, i did not trade for it, or get it off ebay or on here or anything. I thought i would love it cause i saw some scans online and someone recommended it too me.

I brought it and immediately hated it! i mean it was just awful. The scans were of poor quality and hazily looking. many flaws in printing. and it just made me feel like stressed to even read with it. The cards reminded me of like bile and liver( do not know why just they did)

I could not believe i was so off, i honestly do not remember what i did with this deck. I tried to trade it with someone and she said she got neg feelings when she looked at the deck online so i no she did not take it. So i do not know what happened to the deck.

But this was probably the deck i wish i had never brought more than others.
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