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Actually, I find Sacred Rose to be ultimately more frightening than Deviant Moon. True, when I first received the DM I smothered it in crystals and bathed it in sunlight for a few days. But when I finally tried an Introduction to Your Deck reading, it was warm, funny, inciteful, and even cuddly. We all have a certain amount of dark things we bury deep. This deck has called a couple out for me (that hermit is bizarre in its ability to do this, as is the lovers card) which while painful to acknowledge and deal with, wasn't really frightening at all. And in the end it strengthened me on several levels.
So I have to say at this point that I'm not thrilled that I bought the Sacred Rose, but I am very pleased with Deviant Moon. I felt compelled to post this for others perhaps to get past their fears in whatever way works for them and give the deck the chance to prove itself to them.
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