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I think I'm ready to post a new chart, and I intend to try interpreting it as well. However, I have an initial question about the significators, so I'll ask that first before posting the chart.

The question will be: Is my brother alive?

I thought this would be an interesting question because it allows us to deal with a somewhat edgy topic (life/death of a close family member) but without having to worry about the answer's emotional effect on the querent (me). I obviously have an interest in the answer, but I don't feel emotionally closely connected to it. The circumstances are these: About 35 years ago, my brother (five years my senior), who had mental health issues, vanished at age 21. He took his clothes with him, so clearly his leaving was voluntary. Because of his condition (clinically diagnosed schizophrenia), living with him was impossible, and perhaps he sensed that. No one in my family has seen or heard from him since.

Because of the difficult family situation, I was not close with him and in fact was rather relieved when he vanished. Our family doctor told my mother that he felt it was unlikely that my brother would live very long because of other health problems. But who knows? In any event, an answer one way or another won't upset me.

However, I'm at a loss in terms of significators. I'm the querent so I get the first house. But what house represents the quesited? A more basic question would be, who/what is the quesited for this question? Is it my brother (third house)? I think that would be a little sticky, because wouldn't a major aspect between me and my brother suggest an interaction between us? The problem with that is that I have no desire for any interaction, so in this particular case, interaction would be a negative thing. Would it be better to turn the chart and use derived houses?
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