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Originally Posted by Sonia Doris View Post

Hermit - Justice - IX of Wands ALL RX

unreasoned caution - excessive severity - obstacles

Nobody, or at least somebody far away in time if you don't open your heart and stop being defensive.... Sorry I can't tell you more now... :-|
I don't get a soul mate??? Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! WTF! I thought everybody had one somewhere....


What's A feel for me?
8 of Cups - King of Wands - The Empress

A sees you as someone exciting and adventurous. Someone who lights a passionate fire but I think they have some doubts about you or is not sure if they should put much interest into you. Soon enough though, I feel if you allow it and they do too, something special may grow between the two of you.

How did she feel when she saw me today?
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