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I know some people who play music well enough that they're pleasant to listen to, other people can sing along, they can fill in at church once in a while. It's a hobby they've put a little extra into, but they didn't want it to be complex and, for them, it's not. I also know a couple of people who've studied music for years- one who teaches it at a college level - and for those people music is very complex.

Some people like to read voraciously. For some enjoying a book or a poem in the moment is enough, other people want the complexity - they need to dissect the symbolism, the use of language, the history of the genre.

If you don't want tarot to be complex, it doesn't have to be. Enjoy your cards and use them for what you will. Some people want to dig deeper, learn the symbolism and the history. For that type of person, the complexity increases the pleasure of using tarot.
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