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Hi again! Just wanted to give a quick update!

This past weekend we got the photos for the Tarot of Bones done, and the photographer is now working on post-production. I'm really excited--she did a great job with them!

There are only FOUR DAYS LEFT on the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo at we still have a thousand bucks left to hit the goal! If you’ve been thinking about backing it, now’s a great time to do so! As a reminder you can get the deck and book pre-ordered, as well as Tarot of Bones prints and t-shirts, a handmade leather pouch, even an original assemblage from the Tarot of Bones. And if we hit that $5000 goal I’ll be offering an exclusive online class on how to use the Tarot of Bones only for backers of this campaign.

Again, this is NOT my only form of funding to cover the printing costs; it'll just help me out some, and gives people an opportunity to preorder the set, which is due out later this summer. Thank you for your support
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