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Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
There is a new one, Wisdom of the Oracle. I can't vouch for it, as I haven't used it yet, though I do have it. Haven't read the book, either --and as for homework, you can do what I usually do, which is ignoring it...
i don't just ignore it, i lend it out for prolong periods of time. ;-) I have that one and maps. I love them both, even wisdom more!

I don't see her as too foofoo, fluffy or saccharine, either. Though her pictures tend to be posed and Photoshopped within an inch of her life; she doesn't look half as good in her videos, among other things because she has abused Botox and fillers as many people tend to do. I only mention it because it can be a little distracting sometimes to watch her and see how some parts of her face move in odd ways and some others don't move at all. OK, I should shut up now.
even tho i want one of those little lifestyle lifts. ;-) botox has to be the worse, it can mask way to much facial content and for me my first thought is always "oh she has parkinson's" anxious, mom, nurse. its true, it throws you off and give the wrong impression, like maybe without the botox, she would have a face of a foufou tarot maker LOL
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