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My friends :(
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Thanks so much to everyone who has joined so far! So excited!

I love reading the deck choices and musings here too

Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I love this idea, just LOVE it, and to be honest... I think the equinoxes are calling out for similar, maybe shorter?, reading sessions.
I was wondering about this as well! Maybe at the end of this reading we could check in as a group and see if there's interest in doing something for Autumn Equinox.

Originally Posted by Carojulie View Post
I am already picturing in my head a quiet sacred place, a beautiful reading cloth, crystals and incense burning slowly while the cards are thoughfully added one by one. It might turn into a summer altar.. if only it could rest 12 days undisturbed in my home.
I love the idea of turning this into a summer altar!

Originally Posted by littlethings View Post
I usually read at my desk, which is not big enough for a 12 card spread. What I did was get a large piece of foam poster board and then put a second piece of the foam board over the spread. I then secured them together with clips/clamps. That way the cards stay put until you're ready to work on the spread again. Even with kids and cats
What a great idea

Originally Posted by arcange View Post
I would love to participate. I'll be in 3 different countries that week, something totally abnormal for me. I'll have to lay out the cards where I can.
Sounds like an exciting time! Glad you'll be joining us!
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