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I remember many years ago... I was an active-but-bashful member on tarot-l, I remember there was Wicce's website, Tarot Passages, Nina Lee Braden's Moonstruck... they all disappeared or changed, but AT was always there. It took me ages to register, and I regret now that I stayed in lurk mode for so many years. I have taken from this place so much.

Interactions with REAL authors and deck creators - amazing! Imagine meeting Mary Greer or Paraluman or Babalon Jones, asking them something and they answer! I have so much respect for the creative minds here on AT. It's another thing that made the place so special. Too many names to mention!

The excitement about decks we saw come to life here remains a dear memory, and only a few weeks ago - that magical group reading over 12 days, the Solstice reading - how wonderful was that. Getting up in the early morning to draw a card, add it to my template, think about it, write about it, see what others wrote... just beautiful. Thank you for that, Raven of Summer.

I didn't participate in too many readings - I always feel I'm not good enough as reader. I did some exchanges - a Karma reading with KatMoon remains in my memory. I had a brilliant reading from Zephyros the Wise, one that taught me much about possibilities of the Thoth.

I learned a lot of new spreads - Glass Owl and Barleywine and many others are so creative.

I laughed a lot in the TOADies thread, only to be enabled again :-) I swapped and traded and had some wonderful gifts.

I even met the only two other ATers in our corner of the world, feeling like conspirators :-) very good feeling!

Lots of memories. I saw a lot of sites disappear and said, oh well, that's sad. And I disappeared from some who used to be important to me (my obsessions come and go). And I said again, oh well, they can continue without me, I'm through with the topic.

I'll be here until the site disappears. It seems I won't be through with the topic tarot for some time, and AT somehow is different from other sites. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

So thank you to all of you - to Solandia, to the mods, to the whole universe that was AT.
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