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As I sit here in these final hours and last night as well I can't help but feel a tinge of sorrow at seeing something else I felt an attachment to reaching it's inevintble end but thats not such a bad thing. I'm so detached in general from things, people, etc that when something hits hard it's important.

I still remember going to Borders and getting my first deck I believe it was actually my moms birthday (lol) and just looking at all the different decks with very few standing out. It was between two but the Archeon won out in the end something internal told me "this is the one" and I've learned to trust my instincts in life due to various experiences good and bad but it's been important. I tried various others after buying it and initially used them instead but somehow I ended up back at the beginning over and over again and like the Fool I just continued on.

I remember my family thought I was nuts and one member in particular told me I was going to "summon evil spirits" which is still funny to me.

It's always been an overall comfortable place for me which is really rare whether online or in real life I tend to feel out of place and even if I felt normal in a place it eventually turned to being out of place but this was different. I honestly think being here may have contributed to my own spiritual path as well.

I guess this place too will become like my kitten Tsuki (may she RIP) was and for the same reason. It may not always be visible in the future but it will always be there just like the moon.

Hopefully I'll see most elsewhere though I intend to be doing it under the name Tsukiyomi instead. I prefer to think of this not so much as goodbye as see you later.
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