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This is such a powerful card. I feel encouraged when it comes up. The title of the card is Victory and the astrological attribution is Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter was, in the older kind of astrology, considered an especially beneficial planet. It is concerned with understanding things in philosophical and spiritual terms. It also indicates luck, financial expansion, and "joviality". It likes to expand and improve things. Jupiter rules another fire sign, Sagittarius, so it feels quite at home in the fire sign Leo and this hospitable environment magnifies its beneficial influence into "Victory".

In the image a man kneels with a laurel wreath on his head. A laurel wreath was given to victorious generals in ancient rome and great poets, writers and philosophers are pictured with laurel wreaths to symbolize their accomplishments. This man is not kneeling in a subservient way but like someone accepting a prize or a knighthood. He has the symbol of Jupiter on his shirt, which resembles a victor's sash.

Behind him is a lion, the symbol of Leo. The lion, as well as representing the sign Leo is a symbol of nobility and courage. The king of the beasts. Especially this lion who wears a crown. It is the man's nobility of character which has allowed him to win the victory. The long title of the card is "The Lord of Victory after Strife" and the idea is that the man's courage, expansiveness, generosity, energy, and honesty helped him through the strife to the victory.

In terms of kabbalah all the Sixes are in the sphere of Tipareth and therefore very very good cards. Tipareth is a very balanced sphere, right in the middle of the tree. According to Lon Milo Duquette it is a very special influence because it is a "direct reflection of Kether, the son of the father."

One of the not-so-obvious meanings of the card is "love". I think it has to do with the beneficent fiery and solar energy shining out from Tipareth which, being right in the middle, represents the heart. This secondary meaning fits the image here. His pose looks like he's asking a woman to marry him in the old-fasioned way. His red shoes suggest passion and he looks like a man who could really care about someone and inspire love in someone else.
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