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Originally Posted by LoveLight&Peace View Post
Are your travels taking you near water?

8 of cups ~ 3 of Pentacles

It seems like this will be a rejuvenating experience for you, leisurely even. You'll be able to thoroughly enjoy site seeing - perhaps visiting museums, or historic landmarks with amazing architectural details.

(I hope I'm not way off the mark here)

ETA: Positives about purchasing a new to me car?
FB - You are totally on the mark! Water everywhere and i plan on taking a tour of the history of the area..

9 of Cups - 6 of Cups

You'll be pleased with the new to you car and it won't be too far different from what you normally drive. What you used to like in a car will be a distant memory..

I know my bank account will be bruised but what positive things will I encounter upon returning home?
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