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Originally Posted by GotH View Post
You may choose from:

3 of Wands - A Caribbean Cruise for 3! Balcony suites with butler service. All the bells and whistles.


8 of Wands - A five minute conversation with ANYONE in the world. Five minutes goes really fast so make sure you have all your thoughts and/or questions together!
If only I can be sure that my interviewee would be 100% honest with me, I would definitely choose it. As it stands, I shall choose the Caribbean cruise please!

To TPBM, you may choose from:

5 of Pentacles Rx - a generous business starter package to any indigent family of your choice. After all, when you teach a man to fish, you feed him and his family for a lifetime

9 of Cups Rx - 9 Cups of the purest gold, the proceeds of which you may spend on yourself and only yourself within 9 days. Feel free to indulge in everything you have ever desired.
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