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Ok, so I'm SLOOOOOOOOOWLY working on making a new deck, although I don't know how long it will be before I make enough progress worth sharing. But I wanted to ask my fellow enthusiasts about a small issue.

This deck is a bit of a theme, but not just the usual RWS clone. I have trouble with memorization, even key word memorization, but I also love symbolism, so I'm creating a deck from scratch that will have symbolism I personally understand versus learning what someone else's old picture's mean.

With that, I'm not sure if I should follow RWS tradition or go with the traditional placements for Strength and Justice. I can work with either one since I don't do numerology. But should I ever actually manage to complete this thing and share it, what would you prefer?

Should Strength or Justice take the number 8 placement? I've heard that 8 is a more balanced number and therefore should be justice, but 11 seems perfectly balanced to me. Put a line down the middle and you have a 1 on either side. But what would you prefer?
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