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rd-alvarez, I found something in Christine Payne-Towler's The Continental Tarots that may be of interest:
"The two lists I am citing to detail Etteilla’s astro-alphanumeric correspondences are the one given by Papus in the late 1800s, and Stuart Kaplan’s version in Vol I of his Encyclopedia. Although I cannot read French to confirm those earlier connections, I know that Papus was the recognized expert of his time and was cited by all English, French and Spanish Tarot writers of his day. I trust his reporting, although his information only goes so far as to link Etteilla’s Arcana to the more usual versions from the Marseilles Arcana. Stuart Kaplan shows a differently organized version of the same set in his Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol. 1 [page 5], having taken the trouble to supply the astrology correspondences from Etteilla’s books. These correspondences became standard for all of Europe's Secret Societies and their Tarots by the time of Levi."
And right before that she says:
". . .both of the sources mentioned below have only partial information in their lists, and over two centuries of reprinting in various countries, the Etteilla cards began to show considerable corruption in the letter/astrology correspondences, making a confusing situation even more difficult to unravel."
From this it seems Kaplan's list is probably closer to Etteilla's intent. The Grand Etteilla may be one that has been "corrupted" as she puts it.
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