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Steampunk Page of Cups

Originally Posted by shadowdancer View Post
In the background and in the sky, we see a jet or rocket of sorts powering across the sky from right to left. Once the sound catches up with her, she will no doubt jump a little. For now though, she seems totally unaware of its presence.
This has thrown me off a bit, to the meaning of the card, IMO. This symbol is too airy for this card, so I moved her up into the Knights of cups Position/rank. I would like someone to give me more detail on this to move her back into her original rank.

Originally Posted by Green Horse View Post
I noticed today how 'earthy' the cups suite in this deck was because of their connection to alchohol (earthy as in taking earthly pleasures).
Yes you are correct, the Page of Cups is earthy, This Pages elemental attributes are: Earth mixing with Water, the Earthy part of Water, both of these elements are Feminine.

I have been having a bit of an issue with this card, to the point I swapped her out with the Knight of cups, the Knight of cups show the mixing better, as the Knight of Cups is Air mixing with Water, the Airy part of Water.

Therefore the Knight of Cups, is now the Page of Cups, and the Page of Cups, becomes the Knight of Cups, a nicer match IMO. What do think?

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