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Collaborative Spread Creation #13 - Healing Ancestral Trauma

Originally Posted by cirenosille View Post
Hello, it was suggested i post in here after asking about a particular purposed spread; here's a repost:

"Hello folks,

So I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for this: earlier in the year it was revealed that about 18 or 19 generations back, on my mother's side, there was an event that caused ancestral trauma, and that is the extent of the knowledge I currently have available.

Does anyone have a spread that could help to either discover more information about the event or help figure out the means of healing the trauma, or both?

Much appreciated!"

So, does anyone want to help make this notion a spread? Or maybe someone already has a lead on one that fits the bill?
I'm way out of my element here and hope that others will chime in on this one. We may have to borrow from some of the Karmic and Past Lives Spreads listed in this post in the Forum Index.

Some possible positions:
  • What was the event
  • To whom did it happen
  • What was the effect then
  • What is the effect now
  • What can I do to help heal my trauma
  • What can I do to help heal the trauma for the rest of my family
I'll let this percolate, but I do hope others chime in.

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