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There are various wheel-of-the-year spreads but the simplist is to place 12 cards in a circle. You usually start with April--as that was the original "New Year's day" as Card #1 set to the left. When you begin the reading, you start with the month AFTER the birth month.

So, a person's birthday is June 12th--you start with what's coming in July and take them around the year to come on up to their next birthday in June. The wheel looks like this:


You can also put down a final card in the very center, saying, "This is you for this year" --a representational card of sorts.

This wheel, by the by, is a very useful spread. It can be a Zodiac Spread (starting with Aries at #1) and a health spread (starting with the Head/Aries at #1 and working down to the feet/pisces at #12).
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