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Originally Posted by silver falcon
Do you think that the 12 card spread is the right one to do. Sorry if I'm being a pain, but I do want to get it right for him. I will also have a few practises so that I know what I'm doing.

Poor guy has also just fallen down with a very heavy ruchsack on his back and broken both elbows and has loads of exams to do.

Is the 12 card spread right for him? Unfortunately, that's for you to decide. You're the reader; practice will certainly tell you if this spread feel natural and works for you--and knowledge of this guy should tell you if it will give him what he's after as well.

I would say, however, that the 12 card spread, in my experience, is a very solid, and often very revealing spread. It allows you to circle around, see how the year develops from card to card. You can also see across--Where is he in April? How about 6 months from that? And you can easily see a preponderance of certain cards--a lot of swords, for example or cups indicating the emphasis of the journey. You can see the ups and downs, the months with Majors in them indicating that they might be more important, etc. It's very comprehensive.

Is this what you mean by a "journey" spread or do you mean something else?
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