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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FOURTEEN

Step Fourteen! Imagine that, what progress we have made since the cold weather here in the northern hemisphere. Now, its pleasant to be outside. Its also pleasant to see the continuing flow of new participants in our study group.

Those of us who have reached this point really enjoy going back to the earlier steps, reading the posts, and helping those just starting out. I'm happy to see many of you helping out as this shows that we, as a group, are becoming quite comfortable with each other. This is part of the AT way.


Mary notes that this step will have us exploring how a card's meanings are affected by other cards in a spread. Similarities and differences. Patterns of symbol repetition. Looking at one card in relation to other cards is where the dynamics of reading lie, according to Mary. I would read her comments leading up to Activity 14:1 very carefully -- they strike me as being highly important.

"Dignities" are a term for how well cards support or hinder each other. We can look for cars of the same Suit or polarity (Wands and Swords, or Cups and Pentacles), same or different Elements, same numbers, sequences, location within a spread have linkage, astrological attributes (not covered by Mary) and included symbols.

We are to look at our chosen card relative to two other cards. You can use the cards from Step 12 or draw others. List the similarities and differences.

Now we are to look for similarities which will be found among our listings. Also, repeats and sequences. Comment on what you find relative to what they suggest to you as if in a reading.

Another great exercise. Good fun, Dave.
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