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the master method - november -- #22-36

No. 22.
A Present.

Covered by a diamond, points to a gift intended to act as a bribe.

Good news; A girl. This card displays a young boy (or possibly a young girl, hence the cardís
alternate meaning). At one time these cards were known as Knaves instead of Jacks, and would have been similar to a knightís squire. In the context of a card reading, this Jack means that some good news is about to arrive. Or that a beautiful girl is about to arrive. Which might also be good news, depending on your point of view.

No. 23.

Covered by a diamond, the inquirer may be prepared to find the beloved both jealous and disposed to sulk.

Daydreams; Peace and contentment. Think of this card as a leisurely day spent in the sun with nothing particular to do. Itís a card of relative idleness, but without any real negativity. Itís a well-earned rest, a chance to plan for the future, and time to stop and smell the flowers. Beware, though, if itís paired with a four of any kind, as it may mean that all oneís plans are but pipe dreams, destined to disappear like clouds in an afternoon sky. Or something like that.

No. 24.
A Rise in the world.

Covered by a heart, the inquirer will soon see a rapid improvement in his worldly position, and it will exceed his wildest hopes.

A wish granted; A full cup. The Three of Hearts means that something deeply longed for is about to appear. This isnít quite the fulfillment found with the Ten of Diamonds or the Ten of Hearts, but it does generally mean at least one thing will go right.

No. 25.
A Good Turn.

Covered by a heart, the inquirer will receive a kindness which far exceeds both his expectations and his deserts.

A chapel; Fertility; A bed.
The Five of Hearts shows the healthy development of a romance, leading to family and (potentially) marriage. Paired with something like the Queen of Diamonds, it almost certainly means a wedding of some kind. Paired with a Jack of Hearts, be prepared for a new member of the family in nine months. Paired with a Nine of Clubs, however, this card could just mean someone needs a good nightís sleep.

No. 26.

Covered by a diamond, the success of the undertaking will be hindered and decreased by the jealousy and self-seeking of some people concerned in it.

Good luck; Laughter. This card shows the subject surrounded by friends, fortune, and happiness. Itís not the all encompassing joy found in other cards like the Ten of Diamondsbut itís generally positive nonetheless. Depending on context, however, it can also mean something like ďthe last laugh,Ē and have slightly more sinister connotations.

No. 27.

Covered by a club, a change for the better will take place in the inquirer's circumstances, owing to the good offices of friends.

A handshake; Business partnership. The Two of Clubs shows an agreement or arrangement made between two people, often for the sake of business or stability. It can indicate a treaty or alliance of
some kind, or a pairing up to overcome obstacles in the way. Pulled with something like a Two of Spades, it may mean the impending end of a previous business partnership

No. 28.
The End
(of Life).

Covered by a club, a handsome legacy from a friend may be expected by the inquirer.

A friend; A sibling. The Jack of Clubs is a peer, whether thatís a co-worker, a good friend, or a sibling. This is someone with whom the questioner has a mutual respect. The Jack can also indicate
business news of some kind (especially if an Ace or Two of Diamonds
or an Eight of Clubs shows up), and may also indicate a young boy entering the clientís life.

No. 29.

Covered by a heart, the inquirer will be rewarded out of all proportion to his efforts.

The client; Soulmate

No. 30.

Covered by a diamond, misfortune will be brought about by jealousy, and will indirectly affect the inquirer.

Streets of Gold; Good decisioins. No, not the Yellow Brick Road, but the ideaís the same. The clientís on the right path and merely needs to continue doing what he/she is doing and success will
come. Paired with a card like an Ace, this card may mean recent decisions have been good; paired with a King or a Queen the client is probably getting very good advice from someone

No. 31.

Covered by a heart, the inquirer will experience unexpected happiness which will be both deep and lasting.

Hate; Fear. This card shows a love that has grown too strong and become hate, or possibly fear and terror of another person. If the reader sees this card with something like the Five or Nine of Spades,
itís a sign that the relationship will end in violence and help should be sought immediately. Alternatively, with something like the Ace of Clubs, this may indicate self-loathing which needs to be overcome. Itís also possible that the Seven of Hearts will act as a warning in a reading, alerting the
subject to the presence of an enemy.

No. 32.

Covered by a spade, not only will the inquirer be tricked out of his money by dishonest acquaintances, but he will have to suffer for their misdeeds in his business or profession.

A cemetery; A ruined church. This card shows the aftermath of woe and trouble, and in that way itís actually not all that bad. It shows that the worst is over, and that all thatís left is to pick up the
pieces and move on. It can also be a peaceful card, a return to calm and quiet, or even to innocence in a way. Paired with a card like the Six of Clubs, it might mean a lapse in faith and a need to reevaluate oneís beliefs about something.

No. 33.

Covered by a diamond, the inquirer will forfeit the love and regard of valuable friends owing to indifference and utter unresponsiveness.

A treasure chest; Sunlight; Joy. With the Ten of Diamonds, the client can expect great happiness. In the context of other good luck cards, this may mean an unexpected windfall or a sudden
improvement in circumstances. The Ten of Diamonds leaves little room for any sorrow or woe, and generally indicates the fulfillment of financial goals and personal dreams.

No. 34.

Covered by a heart, the inquirer will enjoy all that love can bestow upon the beloved.

Lovers; Coupling; The sex card. This is the card that inspires knowing smiles and lecherous grins. Simply put, itís about sex. Not so simply put, it can also be about and deeply emotionally intimate
connection with someone else, including a family member (try not to mix those two meanings together...*shudder*). So if you pulled it with say the King or Queen of Clubs, it likely means a family relationship, while a lay next to any Jack might mean a delightful tryst.

No. 35.

Covered by a diamond, the lawful ambitions of the inquirer will be partially frustrated, by the ill-will and jealousy of certain acquaintances.

The good wife; A wedding; Sensuality. This Queen is all about duty and splendor. She could be a mother or wife in the questionerís life who inspires joy and happiness, or provides sound financial advice. More likely, though, she indicates someone who does what must be done or a woman with a deeply sexual side. She can also mean a wedding (and thus a large expense and a large celebration), or in some cases a big party

No. 36.

Covered by a spade, a very severe illness, that may materially interfere with the inquirer's career or happiness.

A criminal; An executioner; Wrath; A male rival. The King of Spades is powerful, too, and just as vicious as his queen. He is not the just judge found in the clubs, but an executioner ready to exact a
penalty for any wrongdoings. He will take what is rightfully the clientís if he can, or attack when the client is the weakest. If this card appears, the clie
nt should attempt to make amends for any transgressions, and turn to friends or family for support in case hard times lie ahead.

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