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I think the issue is less about veracity and more about support from other sources. Now, granted, I don't have the deck, but from what I can see from pictures it does not seem to have the standard Golden Dawn attributions. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, anyone can project their own vision of which Tarot cards fit on the Tree of Life and where they fit, but if you're just starting out this may pose issues when you branch out into other decks.

In Kabbalah there are different schools of thought as to which Tree is used and with different purposes. Most decks today are derived from the Golden Dawn system, which include the Thoth and the RWS and whatever trickles down to their respective clones and derivatives. Other decks, like the Tarot of the Holy Light, are derived from a different scheme connecting Tarot and Kabbalah. While the underlying principles are the same, the base of ideas for each card is different, and so you end up with different meanings and associations.

I myself don't know enough about the second system to say whether the Visions uses it, but I can say it doesn't use the Golden Dawn standard.

Ultimately it's up to you but for a beginner, the Golden Dawn system has the advantage of being more widely supported in books, sites, etc. In the end, though, Kabbalah is like a language. Once you pick up the basics, which really is easy, you'll be able to understand different systems and the justifications made for them.
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