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Axle Lapel

10 of Wands

The first thing I noticed was Axle's eye on the right--like a scope in a submarine, looking, scanning, finding the target. His patchwork suit needs some silk floss embroidery, silk ribbon and charms.......oops sorry, I lost my head there. It is much like a jester's suit, heralding the fete, the excitement of entertainment. The stars in his pack like celebratory arrows, seeking their targets to better ignite the excitement of the crowd. Gifts of light and happiness for a few, but no one seems to be listening despite his efforts. He has many handbills left over. Does no one want to go to the circus anymore?

The Blob, I think I am starting to agree with Galadrial here, he IS a pooka, I wonder if he is visible to any but those in the circus? I'm afraid I like him, he reminds me of a wobbly, jelly-like yellow rubber toy I had once that looked like this but with legs and arms with funny hands. Various branches of the pooka family I expect. They form a worldwide troupe, travelling faeries, Blobs Anonymous, turning up here and there to smile continually, not even stopping to wet their teeth.

It's like dressing for a party and being overwhelmed or conscious that your have dressed incorrectly. It's all too much and one becomes frazzled and isolated in thought. I wonder if he is called Axle because he needs a wheel on the other side to balance him? You can't be an Axle without 2 wheels, you can't do everything yourself.

I'm actually getting an idea for a bag for this deck, I have checked fabric, but I want to overdye it first. I am looking for dice for the drawstring. I have some small and large pewter stars, I just need some numbers...
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