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Originally posted by galadrial

I also like the snake between them. It seems to be a product of their combined energies; an entity unto itself. If the Lovers ever break apart and become seperate ones again, the pain of seperation will not just be from the loss of the other person, but from the loss of that living, writhing energy that they created when together.
... I like the way Galadrial put that: "living, writhing energy they created when together."

Well, I'm moving on to the Lovers now... as I just came from Death and Strength. ... Was interested to explore the Lovers after Strength (Lust) and all that sexuality, to see how it was handled here. And now I see it. Or rather don't see it. haha.

Can't say that this is a particular favorite of mine. It is pretty muddled. Not sure what to say about this card, other than nothing really strikes me from it. Even the color seems "ho-hum"... Guess I'm going to have to do a little reflecting on this to see what more I can get. I'll get back to you on it.

Meanwhile, any more thoughts on this card?
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