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Angry Hallbron's book wouldn't help

Originally Posted by MikeH
...Who is right? According to Decker et al (p. 87), the correspondences were in the fourth "cahier" (volume) of Maniere de se recreer avec le jeu de cartes nommees tarots, p. 18, published 1785. In a footnote (46, p. 274) they add that "this fascicule and its supplement have recently been reprinted in Halbronn 1993." That is Jacques Halbronn, Etteilla. L'astrologie du livre de Thot (1785), suivie de Recherches sur l'histoire de l'astrologie et du tarot par Jacques Halbronn, according to their index. But they don't say what the correspondences there are. Did you happen to check Halbronn? It would save me some work. Anyway, your time-line should give 1785 for the correspondences (whatever they are), not 1789, since they are not on the cards but in the fourth and last "cahier," 1785.

Still, someone should check your and Hazel/Revak's list of astrological correspondences against Etteilla himself, since Decker et al don't have one. Unfortunately the only library in North America with Halbronn's book is the NY Public Research Library. I don't expect they lend it out. Maybe if I email them nicely, they will make me copies of the right pages. But I hope someone has already done this work. (And maybe I will just forget it, since I'm not really interested in the astrological correspondences at this point anyway.)
Actually Decker et al have misled you here. They only state that the fourth cahier and Supplement are mostly devoted to astrology, and that the book offers equivalences between the Tarot cards and astrological "values", allowing the questioner to fix a birth chart. In fact the cahier seems to be mostly devoted to the notion that the cartomancer should utilize the priniclples of astrology and and astrological elections in general to empower his/her readings, but only in a very general way, dwelling on astrological lore but hardly mentioning tarot cards in any specific manner. Certainly there ar no astrological/tarot card correspondence charts or anything like that. So Hallbron's book wouldn't help you anyway.
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