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Card 09: The Hermit/Kukung

Heyo! Going to be sharing some of the card designs that we have come up with for our deck here in the next few weeks! The info for all of them comes largely from the mythology/history behind them, so I'll be including meanings from that context. Obviously, the more traditional readings apply to all of them as well, and we've been careful to include imagery that supports that.

If you would like to support this effort and want to see the deck exist, please consider a contribution!
Kickstarter link:

Kukung is the god of Duality. Before the creator, Sedu, shatterd themself in their flawed creation of the world, Kukung was a singular god. Distraught by their creatorís demise, they sought solution in the persistence gifted to Seduís greatest creation, the race of the kukun (who bear this godís name). They achieved only the birth of themself, split into both sire and ward.Now their two halves chase one another endlessly, each seeking dominant wholeness.
Their domain is the dual nature of all things in the world: light and dark, justice and injustice, life and death. They are the luminary of the lost element, which ceased to exist when the god split themself. The dual god also takes sovereignty over mysteries and the unknown. Within the lamp of Kukungís sire aspect shines The Star. In the center of their chase sits their symbol, an orbited center.

Upright Reading: Personal growth, introspection, self analysis.
Inverted Reading: Inner conflict, turmoil of self or identity. Loneliness.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz
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