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I'm always amazed at how tenacious people can be about their pet tarot theory - and this goes for the occultists as well as the historians. But primarily the occultists, who just can't seem to bear the thought that perhaps the tarot was just a game at first, using an extra suit of pictorial cards.......
There is another 'theory' about the origin of Tarot which seems to be neither occult in nature nor historically valid, but it is believed so firmly by some people that it cannot even be discussed rationally with them. This is the notion that Tarot was invented as a fortune telling deck. Since there was the danger that divination could be associated with witchcraft, the Tarot game was devised as a ruse or blind to shield Tarot users from being suspected of illegal activity.

This 'theory' is held by many Tarot users who are otherwise very much against any sort of occult or esoteric view of Tarot and may even deny that the Golden Dawn had any influence whatsoever on the Waite deck.
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