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There is nothing to add to Babalon's excellent advice, only one word: journal.

Start your Thoth journal now and write down every little insight. It doesn't have to be a paper journal, I get along fine with Evernote and pictures in addition to "real" journals.

Oh, and another thing: patience. Thoth is not something that you can crack by the sheer force of will. You have to grow into it. I bought my first Thoth some 20 years ago and feel far from knowledgeable. You need astrology, kabbalah, alchemy - and don't worry, it will all come. The Thoth will bring it to you. But you need to take time.

You can read with the deck before you know everything, that's what we all do. I had good readings with the Thoth before I knew anything about the kabbalah and knew basic astrology but nothing about the decans etc. The readings were great. This deck works on every level of expertise and draws you in more and more. It's an amzing experience.

Keep the deck by your side and get to know the pictures and glyphs and inner logic and symbols.

If you rely on Youtube, I'd recommend Polyphonic Tarot. And yes, Milo DuQuette's book or Snuffin.
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