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So many interesting decks in use again this week!

I've been really busy, but managed to lay out the court cards again for this week's deck, the Victorian Fairy. I'm still reading The Tarot Court off and on, so that's spurring me on to look at them properly.

I just love them! The Knights are brilliant, especially the pentacles on a tortoise. I really like the colours used for each suit, and for the kings and Queens I love their positions. QoW looks like she's dancing and the King and Queen of Cups are lounging on their thrones. So much fun! 😂

The Pages I'm not so good with, so don't get them as easily, I need to read the guide book. Here they're Heralds. I like how they have a little of the previous season, like ice on the Spring, or falling leaves on the winter.

Here's the pic so you can see them too if you want 😀
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