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I think of the Fool more as the first step. Not necessarily in a lifetime journey, although that is another way to look at it. When I embark on a new
adventure, job, friendship, love, etc. I want to see it first through the eyes of the Fool -- being open to possibilities. That doesn't mean that I stay there. As I learn and experience more of whatever it is, my point of view usually changes, at least a bit. I let the experience teach me what I need to know, and hope to stay open to being the Fool again in another adventure.

I like this fairy tale very much. The boy is open for anything, is agreeable, does what he is told (once he figures out who is in charge) and trusts in the outcome. He is willing to leave without the horse, because even after seven years, he has enough trust left to believe that it will arrive in three days. And it does!
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