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When the boy goes to the house of cats he spends 7 years there, but if feels like only six months to him. I wonder if it was more like a year as cats age about 7 years for everyone of our 'people' years. 7 seems like a magic number.

This Fool is trusting that all will work out just as the little cat says it will. A very willing, very patient soul, indeed. He was willing to give up control and listen to the cat and perform the tasks required.

By accepting each day and each task as it was presented, this Fool was able to live 'in the moment' with little thought as to what the future holds; he had faith and put his trust in the little cat. Simple, elegant.

It is not often that I can have faith, trust, and patience (especially all at once!) as I like being in charge of me and I like to know what lies ahead; I also find it hard to wait. And of course, if I do wait, I don't waste time as I can keep busy with my worries! So, I will try to be a bit more like this Fool...

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