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Originally Posted by Pam O View Post
Who says that angels and guides are not just different terms for the same things?
There is so much we just don't know in our little human worlds, you know?!?

Maybe we can all post photos of the stone items we have?
Off to sleep now, with a different stone, so I will hopefully post in the other thread soon. I've been coming up with some interesting personal findings...
ooooo! Can't wait to read of your findings! And agree about the guides/angels etc. We are so unevolved as a society in that way, but it seems to me things are changing! (thank goodness!) I have posted pics of my stones in the Labradorite column and in the Alexandrite thread. I will add my Blue Kyanite as well.

DownwardS, can we see a pic of your Angelite...? Pretty please?
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