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Pinocchio's Journey

Another spread to add to my on-going series of Disney tarot spreads. This spread is for the coming new year and to get more insight on what may lay ahead as you embark into a new year in your life.

This spread is based on the Disney movie Pinocchio. This story is different than the original fairytale, so please be sure to keep in mind that the meanings relating to the story will differ from the original Pinocchio fairytale.

I see Pinocchio's story as a boy who embarks upon a journey to experience what life can bring. He goes through many instances, lies, makes mistakes, and learns from them, as I feel we all do during our own life.

A year can make quite an impression upon ourselves, and we end up not being the same person we were when we first start off. The first and last card gives us a comparison of how much we might change from start to finish in any given new year. This spread is to help you see what may lie ahead as you experience what life has in store for you.

~*Pinocchio's Journey*~

***** 1 *****
** 2 * 3 * 4 **
** 5 * 6 * 7 **
***** 8 *****

1: Pinocchio the Marionette - You at the beginning of the new year
2: Jiminy the Cricket - What lessons you'll learn in the new year
3: Mister Geppetto - Wishes you have that will come true in the new year
4: The Blue Fairy - What improvement you need to focus on in the new year
5: Honest John and Gideon the Cat - What temptations lie ahead in the new year
6: Lampwick - What troubles will befall you in the year
7: Monstro the Whale - What obstacles you will have in the new year
8: Pinocchio the Real Boy - You at the end at the end of the new year

This is a new spread I've created so I have yet to have a sample reading yet, but will update this post with one later

Hope you guys enjoy the spread, and hope everyone has a happy new year!

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