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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SIX

I've just opened the book to Step Six which addresses "Mode, Suit, Element." I'll peruse this chapter and write as I go, then I'll do the exercise and post. There is no need for anyone to wait for me to post the first response. I say this because I've waited until Saturnday to start the next step and I'm certain that some of you are "chomping at the bit."

Mode, Suit, Element.

MODE: Mary Greer distinguishes FOUR MODES of Tarot cards:
-- Court cards
-- Number cards (2 thru 10)
-- Major Arcana
-- Aces

SUIT: These are the familiar-to-all Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.

ELEMENT: The suits are associated with four elements; Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

The keywords for modes, suits and elements are founc in Appendix C of the book. Mary notes in her book that a full discussion on Suits can be found in the Adept Section of chapter/step six -- pages 50 thru 55. She recommends that this should be read even though we are only covering the apprentice level of each step at this time.


Activity 6-1
** Select one, two or three keywords or phrases that express the qualities of EACH SUIT in your deck.
** Which SUIT/ELEMENT keywords best express the qualities of our chosen card? In this step we can combine, join or re-state the keyword for the suit and the keyword for the element so as to get a composite or synthesis single word or phrase that relates to a primary meaning for our card.

Activity 6-2
** Examine each of the four MODES and select one, two or three keywords that speak to you in a reading. (Note that Mary Greer is referring here to the use of the card relative to a reading, not for study, not for analysis, not for comparing). Again, use the examples in Appendix C if needed.
** Separate your deck into the four modes. From which does that come? What does that suggest about it's significance?

We have our work cut out for us. It is my sense that we should read this whole chapter, that we might want to pick out keywords for each mode, each suit and each element so as to give us a well rounded view of what we are doing with just our one chosen card. For those who have Tarot Journals, you might want to consider a parallel project -- reviewing your entries for each card and seeing if you want to modify or add to what you written for each card. This sort of a project would certainly help our tarot education but might have to be done over a period of a few weeks. Good luck, all. I look forward to seeing your responses. Dave
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