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Interesting choices

It seems that we each/all chosen cards that portray an overall theme in our life or a primary challenge we are facing. I suppose that is natural, but it is also (for me) indicative of the way the unconscious mind identifies with symbols and stories and metaphors. I never gave a thought to my personal life when choosing the Fey WORLD card. To me it just seemed to be a challenge to put together the small Fey hovering over the dragon, the small world setting, the giant snail carrying them thru space. There is so much yet to explore in this card's symbols relative to my own life.

I does seem that I am being magically provided for and carried along on my life journey. While my world isn't "small" it is a contained world in some ways. We (the family and I) do travel, take cruises, and many short journeys. But, the life we have (raising the three grandchildren at this stage of our life), dealing with retirement, working to aid the community we live in, continuing our own self- development, and engaged in creative projects -- all of these are part of the journey thru (for us) uncharted space. So, the card is an apt one for me. It will be interesting to see if I adopt anothr "favorite" card in a year or so.

Later I may try to focus on different periods of my life, recalling details and events, and then try to see if a different card represents those days for me. Perhaps several tarot cards will tell a story previously unseen. Dave
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