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Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

A knight in blue armor sits astride a blue horse in a quiet courtyard with a twin-spired cathedral in the background.

Metaphors for the Knight of Pentacles:
- Still waters run deep
- Patience is a virtue
- Look before you leap
- A message to the country
- Think before you act
- Analysis paralysis

After some five minutes of thought, no others occurred to me. So...

"I am looking before I leap. The situation feels like I am taking stock of all possibilities, thinking through my options, before taking action."

How it relates to myself and my own situation: I combine a passionate commitment to the directions I take with impulsiveness, the willingness (and sometimes the weakness) to act quickly, on the spur of the moment. Although I would maintain this aspect has generally served me well, it has often led to criticism from others who tend to be more deliberate, more analytical, more patient, especially in my work life. The Knight, generally thought to be impulsive and headstrong, is shown here patiently weighing his options, thinking through his next steps. If I am the headstrong Knight, the message is clearly that I need to find the right times to slow down, to consider my options and not act rashly and impulsively in every case. It is a lesson, a piece of advice, that I constantly find difficult to act on. It emphasizes a skill that I know I need to further develop.
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