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I think some of you may be pleased to know that I will be commiting myself over the next few months to making Tarot Cielo.

Does this mean I've got a publishing deal? Well no, not really. And I won't be looking for one (not in the traditional sense, anyway) until it's all finished.

So, how is this so?

A wonderful, generous benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has given me an 'arts grant' to support me while I work on Tarot Cielo.

You can imagine how deeply humbled I am that a perfect stranger would see fit to donate me a large sum of their own hard-earned cash so that I can have the luxury of being able to indulge my creative tendancies on this project solidly for a couple of months.

The person doesn't even want rights, or a percentage or anything. Just a copy when and if it gets published.

Thanks so much, secret benefactor. I will be forever in your debt, and I hope I can produce something worthy of your faith in me.

Since I can't say who you are, perhaps all the other people who feel grateful that you've enabled Tarot Cielo to be created might like to leave you a message here?

Warmest regards,
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