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Just to say many thanks for the encouragement. It helps right now as everything seems to be taking SO LOOOOONg. We have had a lot of paperwork this week and things have slowed down - we'd much rather be doing our visual work than filling in forms!

So - good news is that the kind woman with the antique shop simply let us borrow the very beautiful old silk braid we wanted. Can't believe that she could be so generous. She also had a wonderful hand embroidered old silk-on-cotton 1920s wide ribbon that we bought - she was kind and gave us a very good price. She says that now that she has seen the work (which she likes!) she will try to find small, old pieces for us - things too small to use for other people but useable for us. She says sometimes she gets very damaged late 18th century pieces that simply get thrown away - we said we will have them! I really like her. She knows her history so well, and adores needlework. A very nice person indeed.

This means that we now have a new Moon and Two of Swords - both gorgeous costumes. But it will be quite a while yet before we manage to finish them enough to show. But very exciting.

So, M-Press, how can you talk about a THIRD deck? The thought! (actually, we are planning one in a sense, but it isn't really our design, it is in collaboration with a very remarkable elderly artist here - and I'll say no more for now as it will be a long time before it comes out).
Our next "own" project will be a book we have decided. I love doing tarot, but it is very tiring and demanding and I think we need breaks in between. But anyway, can't think much about all that right now.

How is your book coming M-Press? I am looking forward to it AND the deck of course.

Okay - so please be patient for the next cards as it may be a while. But thanks again for all the encouragement. It really makes a difference to us both.
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