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Originally posted by firemaiden
Great Firemaiden say: Rednecks don't have highest testosterone, they only think they do.

I'm not a cat fan... but these cards are cute. I would like them to be a little more different from the Tarot of Prague though. I mean, I love the Tarot of Prague, you know, but, I already have it...
LOVE the redneck comment!

So - I don't think these cards will be very like Tarot of Prague, well they don't seem so to us. But remember that we do have a certain style and so in one sense, well that's what we do.

Please wait until you see a few more in detail and I think you may find that the deck as a whole looks very different - and do tell us one way or the other! Certainly the overall technique is quite different and to me that has quite an impact on the overall look and feel. It's a much less serious deck symbolically, but there are symbols in there and we are incorporating them in a rather different way.

But thanks for the comment. It's a worthwhole one of course, and we'll certainly think about this.
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