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Originally posted by lunakasha
OK.....Baba, let me get this straight: you actually dress the cats in these handmade garments and they *allow* you to photograph them???? AMAZING!!! I tried to put those birthday hats, with the elastic going under the chin, on my two cats one time......forget about it! You would have thought I was trying to strangle them the way they protested. Needless to say, I have not a single photo of my cats wearing anything but fur
Yes, we actually spend several months training each cat - she said with a straight face.

No, we don't actually dress the cats. We did try with our little one simply to get her to wear one tailor-made top (we needed to see how it would hang on her shoulders) and much cream, much hysteria and many attempts later we ended up with two blurred photos. She initially thought it was great fun, but quickly lost interest and simply tore off the top and went back to her favourite "shocking pink mouse" toy (which she can "fetch" on demand - she is BRIGHT - too bright to wear dresses).

It's all in fact done with "smoke and mirrors". I don't want to give details of the whole technique because it took us ages to really get it to work (the early attempts look very rough and "stuck together"). Most people will easily guess the basic technique, it's the refinements that were hard to get right.

We really, really want it to look real, because that's part of the fun - and the fantasy. I also do think that deep down in my mind this is in part a memory and tribute to the second cat I ever had (when I was three). He was such a darling and so kind that he actually DID let us dress him in doll's clothes and wheel him around in a pram. He wouldn't let adults do anything like this - but in some way he understood children and was very tolerant. I'm sure that I've had some sort of half-buried memory of dressed cats ever since!

We're very careful not to alarm any of the cats when we take the photos, and that's one reason it takes a long time. You have to give them time to trust you first. The hardest of all so far was a tabby and ginger "British Shorthair" who was initially very afraid, poor little thing. Eventually (after we were in her home for a couple of hours - fortunately taking shots of other cats in the meantime) she did settle and even purred - but she still had a very closed off and wary look about her when she finally let us photograph her. She is going to be our Eight of Swords.

Oh - and in answer to the question, April we hope. We've been working flat out more or less since last July. But this time we sketched everything first, so there was nothing to show until recently.
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