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We will try to do a collector's edition. It may take a while to work out really how to go about this. I imagine very large cards on special paper. Anyway, once we decide, we'll keep you posted of course. Thanks for the encouragement. We weren't sure whether to do this, but I think there is enough interest - and I'd personally love to do some oversized cards of this deck.

Here are two more cards, The Fool and Death. As ever, a bit small at this size, so some detail is definitely lost.

Very interested to get feedback on Death. We wanted it to be serious, not "cute" or jokey, but at the same time not too grim (this is a cat's deck).

We've set it in a Baroque Marionette theatre.

Oh - just to say (at Alex's request) please bear in mind that our cards look very different in print. There is so much detail that on-screen images, especially small ones, aren't a great way to show the work. Still, it gives some idea hopefully.
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