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Oh yes, cats as warriors. Definitely. They can be so domestic and cuddly one minute, then they go into hunting or fighting mode and just change! I have the scratches to prove it! (our smaller one is just mad about those feathers on sticks right now - and gets carried away totally, claws and teeth everywhere - when I play with her with one of those).

I do think cats will like these Knights cards!

More cards to come when we have time to finish more. We seem to have got stuck with several at 90% there stage.

M-Press. Thanks for the comments. The cats on the stage are staring at something above them (fate?), and one is half-praying. Yes, the pic is much too small.

With The Fool comments I disagree in visual terms, but I think that's only because I can see the card printed, and it looks quite different. Somehow these little digital pics are really doing nothing for the cards. They really will be a lot better in print. Frustrating!
edited to add. I took a look, and yes, at this size everything merges in. In fact, it won't - honest! The roof and coat are quite different colours. The angel is a weather vane and looks gorgeous but ridiculous in detail (she is from an original Baroque fountain here, and always makes me laugh - a kind of foolish angel?)

The story about the mouse? This is an odd one. I was very surprised to get Lark's suggestion, because we did a "dressed cat" Christmas card in 2002 - our first (rather crude) attempt at this kind of thing. It had a little mouse, in the lefthand corner, staring up at the cat... very much as she describes.
I will try to find it and post up that detail. Very odd that she "saw" this so clearly. Coincidence maybe - but I was surprised!
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