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Oh Demonesse. I know you like dark, but you can't ask for too much dark in this deck - not with kitties! LOL
and here was me wondering if it was too dark!? These poor cats are on their knees and look scared - although we know from the setting that they are only acting...

The figure in the background is a renaissance Grim Reaper about to chop the head off the little man he is holding (am I winning you around?)
The figure on the front is a more classical Death ringing a little bell (as in "time's up") Here he is. I think he is pretty grisly.

Yes, it's kind of full of stuff going on - this is true. It's partly our style (though we try to lay out with care to keep things distinct and elegant) but also it's partly out of deference to Baroque - the most cluttered, funny, over-the-top and outrageously graphic era ever.

But we are working on The Devil and I will think what you say and make sure it is at least darkish (we do have a very severe tapestry of the devil which we want to use).

Now I bet someone says this card is too dark :-)
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