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Originally posted by HudsonGray
As you've said, the Tarot isn't all sweetness and light, there is a bite to it too.

The cats are ok, they're only falling in the picture, not real life.

Baba, in the main museum here there's research sections a person can go in & use so long as they don't take anything out of the rooms. Like bird skins for study, their non-display taxidermy mounts, bones, art, etc. A person has to get special permission to photograph, but all we have to do is ask. The behind the scenes stuff isn't generally known to most people.

Were you allowed to photograph some of your backgrounds & items from the museums in your area? I can't imagine having to go out and haunt antique shops looking for all the tiny details you're putting into your cards.
Yes, we don't want a "fluffy" deck (they can be great too - but it's not us). But on the other hand, I don't want any card that makes people burst into tears! I think there may be a way - which I can't see right now - of just very slightly lightening this. Probably we'll put it to one side and try to come up with something.
(okay I know someone will point out to me that we showed falling people in ToP - but somehow with falling cats it may feel different - I think it was a very valid point).

Museums? You have hit it right on the head! Yes, we are allowed to photograph at Prague Museum of Decorative Arts, as long as we don't use a tripod - and pay some fee. It makes a huge difference because it means we have a whole heap of amazing objects - the porcelain woman who represents "sight" in the Queen of Swords is fantastic .

There is one amazing little figure - ivory - of an old woman who is wearing the mask of a young woman - that I'd really like to use. But I feel it may be too serious for this deck. Alex says it's too ugly in meaning. He may be right.
Anyway, it's wonderful to find all these incredible things - the museum here is quite famous.

Oh - we also did a lot of photography at Cesky Krumlov, which is supposed to be the most unspoilt renaissance town in Europe. It is unbelievable. We just spent our days there in astonishment. I'll try to point out when we use images from there, but for now, the beautiful pink (! it really is pink) castle tower in the Queen of Swords is Cesky Krumlov Castle. Haunted by a tragic White Lady too...
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